USB - Software
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click !USB LSP LogicAnalyzer PatternGenerator SignalGenerator
Logicanalyzer: 16 Channel Logicsignal, PatternGenerator, SignalGenerator

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click !USB HighSpeed Interface Modul V2.7 mit 8KB I²C EEPROM & Reset Controller & CY7c68013A LowPower USB Controller
Interface for the USB Bus with a maximum Datarate of 480Mbs
I²C, Smart Serial Interface, GPIF, and Parrallel Bus Interface
Interface for your Development on the USB Bus
Interfaceadapter for USB to I²C Bus
aditional I²C Memory is on Board 8KB EEPROM
Development Board for your own functions
Ideal for Prototyping Grid is 2,54 mm (DevBord)
suitable for series Production without USB Development
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click ! USB 2.0 Streaming dll

extend your PC with a Powerfull Streaming device
it is possible with the dll to transfare data without external Fifos connected to the device and this with super fast transfare speed.
Orde id:400105
(you need a USB Interface V2.6 for the HardWare Part)

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Eagle PCB Power Tools Version 5.X

Extend youre EAGLE PCB
with functions you are looking for !

Order id:400100
  • Import of more than 75!!! Graphic Formats into EAGLE: GERBER, DXF, WMF, EMF, BMP, GIF, JPG, DIB, ICO, CUR ...
  • Unit calculation Tool
  • Rotation Tool
  • Skalierungs Tool
  • varied measurement Tool
  • circle production Tool
  • DXF Output Tool
    and much more !
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USB2.dll for USB 2.0 Bus

for USB 2.0 Controller from Cypress
with 24 I/O Ports

I²C 100Khz with clock stretching
I²C 400Khz with clock stretching
GPIF Interface
SPI Interface
8 / 16 Bit Parallel Inerface and much more ...
Order id:400101